Elite Math

Hello Mathletes!


About me

Welcome to Mr. Uysal's class. I have been teaching at GSA since 2015. I graduated from Hacettepe University Education of Math in Turkey(2013). I also have a Master's degree from American College of Education(2017). I really enjoy teaching students and help them to reach their potential. I personally enjoy soccer, basketball, and discovering new places. I hope we have an amazing school year and get through this year!


What is Elite Math?

This is an advanced level of Math program with a challenging curriculum starting the 3rd grade. The program continues throughout middle and high school. The early stage of the program emphasizes on bright students who would like to excel in mathematics. These students will continue in the same program in middle school in which they will experience Geometry and Algebra. In High school the learning objectives will be more abstract to make the connection between secondary education and college. Furthermore, an individual based math road map will be established. Individual students will be encouraged to take math classes from colleges. These courses will be Multivariate Calculus, Discrete Math, Linear algebra etc.