Ms. Clarke

Writing/Reading Classes

Class overview

In the face of a changing world, the world of education is changing. There will be more emphasis on learning and becoming masters of the learning. Reading and writing are the foundations for every other kind of learning out there. I envision my role as a facilitator, someone who gives learners a path, strategies, a mission, and resources to empower all learning. Whether you have Reading or Writing class with me, remember they are intertwined. That means you'll be doing both, no matter which class you're in (yippie!) The whole idea is to prepare you for the future.

As a student in Writing, you will practice and apply conventions in writing, such as grammar and usage, referencing source materials, organization and revision, involving multiple types of compositions; and being fluent in composing of the standard writing formats-narratives, information, and argumentative.

As a student in Reading, the focus will be building content/prior knowledge, which is truly the way comprehension grows. Fluent comprehension at an eighth grade reading level, which is generally the level most journalists write for will improve with practice and regular exposure. Yet, since this is 7th grade reading, and there may be some struggling readers, literacy and foundational skills will be included to improve the reading experience. I anticipate a great deal of pre-reading, for instruction & discussion, facilitated by myself, and encouraging students to contribute thoughts and reflections.

All About Ms. Clarke

Don’t forget the ‘e’ on Clarke, or just call me Clarkey to remember, though the ‘e’ is silent. I have a son, Kyle, he is 19. He is taking a gap semester or two from Webster University this year. He lives with me and is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Monika, in December. I have 3 kitties, Zelda, Nacho, and Blu. My favorite color is yellow, my favorite television show is Friends, and I am a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World. I drink enough coffee to keep me awake for days. My room is never warmer than 68*. I’ve been a teacher in middle school for 14 years, 3 of which were math (lol), the rest were all reading and writing. This is my 5th year with GSA. I enjoy teaching because it makes it possible for me to inspire and motivate kids to do the best they can in each and every endeavor they choose to pursue. I am most looking forward to meeting a whole new bunch of students that will grow into future entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, and innovators.


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