Dr. Prathaap Bhimasena Rao. PhD.

Prathap Bhimasena Rao’s life has been one that is filled with immense learning, experience & exposure. As a child, he was always interested in sports, adventure and travel. He went to win the ‘Best Cadet of Indian Air Force’, under the National Cadet Corps, that was awarded by then Prime Minister of India Mr.Vajpayee. 

Prathap has represented his country as a youth globally at a very young age. After a successful stint with Indian Airforce as a fighter pilot, Prathap joined the corporate world. He went on to become one of the youngest Vice Presidents of large MNCs like HP and Hewitt.  He studied his masters in Harvard Business School, Indian Statistical Institute, IIMM and Doctoral work at Alliance University and CCU Malawi in Management Science.

After serving various corporations successfully, Prathap embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey. Since then, he has been serial entrepreneur, and has founded four start-ups, been involved in two mergers and has been actively taking-up training, advisory and consulting assignments. 

His social venture PotHoleRaja®  and GridMats® -Pothole Management and Patented technolgoy for rigid roads and surfaces creation.  With the purpose of "Driving Excellence in Road Infrastructure Development- SMART>SUSTAINABLE>SAFE>INCLUSIVE" has catapulted him to a whole new realm altogether- www.potholeraja.com |  www.gridmats.com

He is author of three Books, fifty plus blog articles and several research papers.  He has been a key note speaker in various forums and conferences. He has also been a TEDx speaker, sharing his journey of PotHoleRaja® social venture. Prathap is also is credited with training thousands of managers and leaders from across the globe. 

Prathap is competitive sportsman has won state level Gold, Silver & Bronze medals in 25 mt. and 50 mt. Pistol shooting competitions from 2016-22 and has been team manager and coach for the Paralympic Shooting Team of India for the Paralympic Shooting World Cup, 2017 held at Bangkok. . 

He has gone rappelling at 15000 feet face down at Buran Ghati Himalayan Trek 2018,

2019 November, completed one of the toughest 3 Pass trekking around the Mount Everest region climbing 3 summits over 18700 feet, 3 base camps-Everest, Ama Dablam & Cholatse , crossing 3 biggest glaciers covering over 150 + kms with temperature ranging from -15 to -22 degrees Celsius.

2022 Masai Mara, Kakamega and Elementaita -Kenya was one of the best nartual wild safaris that changed the way I look at animal kingdom and nature. Spotting the Lions, Leapords, Cheetas, Hyena, Hippo, Giraffe, Elephants, Rhino, Antilopes, Wilder beast, Zebras, Crocodiles, Serval cats, Baboons and so many more amazing creatures was just fulfilling. 

Shark Tank India pitching on Season 3 -Ep27 for GridMats technology. 

Prathap is widely traveled and till date has visited more than 23 + countries, meeting thousands of people, learning cultures, history and human mankind that he feels has been instrumental in shaping him. 

Prathap considers his life’s vision as "Live, Love, Learn and Leave Legacy".

Extensive coverage in DD News about PotHoleRaja and its impact.  July 2018      

Felicitated for the work and contribution to society - Rotary Whitefield  Central for his exemplary humanitarian service to reduce & prevent accidents by fixing potholes- Service above Self- July 2018

Karnataka State Level Shooting Competition 

2017- 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze Medals in 10 mt, 25 mt & 50 mt Pistol shooting competition

2018- 1 Silver- 25 Mts and 3 Bronze Medals- 10, 25 & 50 Mt. Pistol shooting

Real Estate Quarterly Book

Published 2013

Conversations With Love

Book & Illustrations

3 Books, 25+ Article, 15+Journals, 25+News writeup, 10+White papers and many blogs written over the period of last 15 years.

Visit www.potholeraja.com/media for all the media coverage about PotHoleRaja®  Pothole initiative

Visit www.groundreality.org  & www.processsimplify.com for Consulting related information

Triathlon- TriThonnur 2018: Swimming, Cycling and Running

Buran Ghati Himalayan Trek June'18

With my 2010-11 HP colleagues. Meeting after 8 years- 2018

Countries Travelled so far

23+ Countries, 6 Continents, 200+ cities, millions of people, hundreds of cultures, tens of languages and many more diversities....

This is my personal journey, understanding and learning. This information is intended only for capturing the key highlights of life and not for any other purposes.