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Dr. Jed Griswold is a published author, a retired college administrator and Professor of Psychology, a retired minister, and currently an educational and organizational consultant living in New England.

Drawing on over 20 years of college level teaching with courses like Organizational Behavior, Educational Psychology, Personality Theory, and Cross Cultural Psychology, and with graduate degrees from Duke University, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Rhode Island College, Dr. Griswold offers consulting
for ...

... optimizing educational endeavors, including helping students understand their strongest (and weakest) learning styles; and helping educators understand their own teaching styles; and offering tips for both students and teachers in finding ways to adapt to assure the most success in any teaching/learning process.

... strengthening organizational functioning, including topics like effective
team-building; enhanced client communication; improving internal communication (for non-profit and for-profit organizations); and offering an effective decision-making model for personal or team applications.

... developing the art of storytelling for optimal educational outcomes, from writing to telling, using best practices.

Dr. Griswold is available for a reading of one of his children's books, or for select readings of other books, and for book signing events for Day Care Centers, libraries, assisted living and other retirement centers, and senior centers.

He is also available for a presentation/discussion of his writing process and of the publishing process, both with established publishers and by self-publishing.

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