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Hi I'm griffpatch, most people know me from Scratch. I Got hooked on coding when I was kid, now I'm a parent and nothing's changed! My day job involves java coding, but in my spare time I love making games, being creative. I also love making music, and I play the guitar & drumming in church (not at the same time - but that would be cool too). I got into scratch when my son was to enroll in a Scratch Club at school... And well I rather fell in love with it!

Visit me on Scratch and YouTube.

You may also be interested in my Scratch extensions (see below).

Scratch 3 Developer Tools

This extension is in Beta - When installed it modified the Scratch 3 webpage to add a new Find (Ctrl+F) box right there in the editor that you can use to quickly locate and navigate any hat blocks in the current sprite.

This is very much a work in progress and in currently available for users of Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

Click here to download: Chrome or Firefox

The new Find tool added by this Extension

Scratch Messaging Extension

Scratch Messaging Extension for easy reading and replying to your messages on

This is a updated release of a messaging extension for use with the Scratch Programming Website only.

No usernames or passwords are stored, and you are required to be already signed into your scratch account in chrome for it to work.

Features: Groups messages by project, shows full comment text and context, allows for checking and direct replying without exiting your current game / project.

Known Bugs

  • Messager does not yet support displaying of follows, forum posts, studio posts, invites, etc...
  • Popup size is always large on firefox (this is a temporary workaround for a bug in firefox)


If you want to leave me feedback then do so on my Scratch Page