Year 9 Design Wood Technology

Learning overview: Develop design and practical skills

Focus of learning

Course Outline: Students will research methods of time keeping and make a time line of how humans have measured time.

They will design and make a time measuring device for a person with a specific location in mind.

Achievement Objective:- Planning for Practice

Week One

Lesson one:-

  1. Introductions
  2. Emergency procedures
  3. Quick quiz Health and Safety.

LO:Students will learn routines and expectations of Design Wood

SC:Student will know what to do-

  • In an earth quake
  • In a fire
  • During a Medical emergency
  • During a Lock down

Week Two

Lesson two:-

Recap previous lesson

Introduction to time and time keeping.

Drawing a time line from prehistory to present day.

Week Two

Lesson Three

Recap timeline from previous lesson

Research clocks