Year 9 Digital Technologies

Focus of learning-From design to Data to decisions

How does information travel back and forth from the Insight Lander and Satellites ?

This unit has two modules which requires an understanding of the solar system, the Earth's orbit and a bit more about Mars. Initially, in learning groups, students will explore the differences of the terrains on Earth and Mars and the premise behind the design of the Insight Lander. Using 3D modelling, virtual Mars Labs and the Digital Technologies design principles, the groups will design their digital systems to capture the data. This will also enable them to learn team dynamics and Human Computer Interaction as they plan how their vehicle will be manoeuvred to capture information about Mars.

In the second module, students will transfer their digital designs into a prototype using Lego and Microbits and the Sphero robot. This will enable them to test out their design and their digital systems to capture the data and explore the input, output and communication functions of their Mars Lander.

Overview of the modules- the iterative process

Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes

This module explores the terrain and the premise behind the design of a Mar Lander

Computational Thinking

This Module explores the aspects of communication and how data and information is transferred back to Earth

Module 1- Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes

Earth and Mars

The Design Process

Learning to Drive

Communication Systems

Module 2- Computational Thinking

Building the Prototype

Capturing the Data

Communicating the Data

Making Decisions