Year 11 Digital Technologies

Focus of Learning-Designing the Greymouth high school website

The big picture

In this course you will explore 2D and 3D spatial awareness using game design engines, websites from the perspectives of an end user, applying Neilsen's rules of usability heuristics. The pathway forward would be to become proficient at identifying and developing skills in planning, designing and developing algorithms for games and websites used for learning, tested in an authentic setting. Once you are comfortable with the principles of human computer interaction, you will have the ability to redesign the Greymouth High School website with stakeholder input from students, teachers, parents and the school leadership. You will work with a scrum team to learn how to use sprints as you work through your users stories and the project. The Level 1 NCEA Achievement Standards offered are for the New Digital Technologies curriculum and provide an avenue for software engineering and Computer Science, progressing onto the Level 2 Digital Technologies course.

course overview

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