Yr 10 Digital Technologies

focus of learning-If Greymouth High School Website was a game

the big picture

Games have incredibly complex multimedia and graphics that come together to tell a story. As Year 10 students you will explore the possibility of designing the Greymouth High School Website as an interactive game. As you collaborate and communicate with your peers, you will learn to program and solve problems as you build game concepts and mechanics in Python and JavaScript.

Developing your knowledge of algorithmic and iterative processes, as students you will choose a sample of stakeholders to test your game concepts. Recognising that computers need to search and sort large amounts of data and information, you will use the end users to evaluate user interfaces in relation to the efficiency and usability of your proposed game.

Semester overview

Unit 1

Computational Thinking- Programming and Game Concepts using Python and JavaScript

Unit 2

Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes- Greymouth High School Website as a Game Platform

Unit 1- Computational Thinking

Exploring Game Platforms

Exploring Game Platforms

Assessment 1-learning snapshots

Designing The Carousel

Evaluating Game Platforms

Platformer Game on Unity

Platformer Game on Unity

Assessment 2-prototype model

Unit 2- Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes

Exploring Storytelling

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Assessment 3

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Assessment 4