Soft Materials

In this course students will learn how to sew by hand and using a sewing machine. They will also learn to use the Technology cycle to design and make a product using a simple pattern they have made.

Skills covered

Block lettering and3D lettering, cutting fabric with scissors, hand sewing, machine sewing, use of set square and ruler, measuring, simple pattern making, marking out, pinning, using a seam allowance

May do tie dying, screen printing,

Key Competencies

Thinking- researching, producing 2 possible designs and choosing the best one, problem solving during design and make phases and evaluating their final product

Relating to others- sharing resources, equipment in a fair way. Asking for help when needed.

Using language, symbols, and texts- drawing designs

Managing self- staying on task, working safely

Participating and contributing- Participating in group discussions, giving stakeholder feedback to peers on their designs. Helping others