Yr 7&8 Food Technology

In this course students will learn how to plan and cook simple recipes. They will also learn basic food hygiene and healthy eating.

Skills covered

Use of stove top, oven and grill. Basic knife skills. Correct dishwashing procedures and food hygiene. Basic nutrition information. Team work

Key Competencies

Thinking- Researching how to change a basic recipe, planning for cooking, problem solving during cooking , analysing effectiveness of planning and evaluating their final product.

Relating to others- sharing resources, equipment in a fair way. Asking for help when needed.

Using language, symbols, and texts- drawing writing down ideas, correctly reading recipes,

Managing self- staying on task, working safely, doing their part

Participating and contributing- Participating in group discussions and cooking, cleaning up. Giving stakeholder feedback to peers on their products, Helping others

Email teacher Shelly Chapman - chapmans@greyhigh.school.nz