YEAR 9 DES - Drawing for Design

Overview- 9SY

In this class you will learn basic freehand, instrumental and computer aided drawing skills.

Below is a week by week rundown of what we are doing (work in progress) as well as the skills and Key Competencies we will cover as part of this course.

Week 1


Mon P1: Teacher website/Mihi

Class routines

Tues P5: Class routines competition So you think you can't draw you tube cartoon exercise

Thurs P4: Names on A3 folders Block or bubble letters

Week 2

Mon P1: Drawing exercise

Setting up websites- add cartoons and drawing exercise

Tues P5: Repeat drawing exercise.

Simple geometric shapes using grids- triangle, circle, Hexagon

Thurs P4: Do now- Repeat geometric shapes

Oblique and isometric cubes, + rendering with pencils (shading) using crows feet.

Week 3

Mon P1: Class Expectations -Responsibility

Rendering a cube using colour pencils

Tues P Instrumental drawing- lines and angles

Thurs P4: Instrumental drawing- lines and angles

Week 4

Mon P1: : 3D instrumentals- oblique & isometric.

Tues P5: 3D instrumentals- oblique & isometric. Extension: - 1 point and 2 Point perspective

Thurs P4: Orthographic projections

Homework: choose a room at home to revamp. Take photos and measurements for next week

Week 5

Room revamp Project

Mon P1: Introduction to Project for the next 4 weeks

Research ideas or play with one of the programmes Sweet home 3D and Planner 5D to learn how to use it. Add an entry to your website showing what you have done.

Tues P5: Introduction to Assessment: Brief Development

Identify issue, write or record brief .

Make a CAD model of your room as it is now and take a screenshot- add to your website

Thurs P4: Make a Mood Board.

Show display boards.

Extension: Start on your first design.

Week 6

Room revamp Project cont

Mon P1: Make your second design

Homework: Get stakeholder feedback from your parents/ whanau on your 2 designs. Add this to your website- either with video or get them to write on your website about which design they like the best and why.

Tues P5: Athletics day

Thurs P4: Updating website completing tasks to this point and writing key attributes using the mood board to help identify themes

Week 7

Mon P1: Complete 2 different designs that meet your brief

Homework: Get stakeholder feedback from your parents/ whanau on your 2 designs. Add this to your website- either with video or get them to write on your website about which design they like the best and why.

Tues P5: Model Making Decide which design to make into a model using paper, card, photocopies and 3D printing

Thurs P4: Model making continued

Week 8

Presentation phase- Tech block corridor

Mon P1: Design how you will display your work to the public.

Tues P5: Make your display

Thurs P4: Install your display


Freehand and Instrumental drawing skills.

Selection and use of drawing materials

Use of colour and tone to show form and surface qualities

Block lettering and presentation skills

Light and dark lines (weight) , dashed lines, reference lines and drawing symbols

Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic projection drawings

Sweet home 3D and/ or Planner 5D

EXTENSION: 1 and 2 point perspective

Possible Project: Room Revamp- Choose one room in your house to redesign and redecorate. Measure up the room and take photographs. make a virtual version and change the layout and colour scheme. Get stakeholder feedback from your family on 2 different designs and present your ideas as part of a Year 9 TECH End of Module exhibition.

Key Competencies

Thinking- Thinking how their actions will affect others. Research and analysis skills, producing several different designs for your project and choosing the best one, problem solving during designing and evaluating your final design.

Relating to others- Being kind to others, using your manners, sharing resources and equipment in a fair way. Including everybody. Asking for help when needed

Using language, symbols, and texts- Knowing and being able to use different drawing conventions- different line types, symbols, being able to present your work neatly

Managing self- staying on task, working safely, working to the best of your ability

Participating and contributing- Participating in group discussions, giving stakeholder feedback to peers on their designs. Helping others if they do not know what to do