10FAB Fabric and Fashion


In this class you will learn how to maintain a sewing machine, design and make clothing

Below is an overview of what we plan to do week by week for Term 1 and 2 as well as the Skills and Key Competencies we will cover as part of this course.

TERM 1, Week 1-3

Intro to course

Sewing machine set up and Maintenance

Pin cushion

TERM 1, Week 4-6

EITHER design and make a costume for Athletics day OR decide on your own short project e.g bag, pillow e.t.c.

Term 1, Week 6-11

Making scrunchies.

and a bag or skirt with with a zip

Term 2

Main project

Wearable Art or?


Machine and hand sewing skills

Research skills

Fashion drawing skills.

How to use a store bought pattern and how to make a simple pattern

Selection and use of different fabrics/ materials

Problem solving

Working as part of a team

Alternate materials- Paper mache, hot glue, plaster of paris, lighting and LED's.

Possible Projects: Catwalk challenge, Tie dyed and screen printed T-shirts, Opp shop revamp, Wearable art, simple skirt or shorts, hoodie.

Key Competencies

Thinking- Thinking how their actions will affect others. Research and analysis skills, producing several different designs for your project and choosing the best one, problem solving during designing and evaluating your final design.

Relating to others- Being kind to others, using your manners, sharing resources and equipment in a fair way. Including everybody. Asking for help when needed

Using language, symbols, and texts- Knowing and being able to use fashion drawing conventions- different line types, symbols, being able to present your work neatly

Managing self- staying on task, working safely, working to the best of your ability

Participating and contributing- Participating in group discussions, giving stakeholder feedback to peers on their designs. Helping others if they do not know what to do.