Care and Repair


Each year, students will pay a technology fee in order to receive repair warranty coverage for their Chromebooks. Please see below important information and revisions to Southside High School and Greenville County School District's Repair Policy.

Chromebook Repair Warranty

The Dell Chromebooks that have been purchased by Greenville County School District are covered by a 4-year parts and labor warranty. This warranty covers the machines for hardware failures, such as:

  • Chromebook will not charge or will not turn on.
  • Chromebook's keyboard or touch pad is no longer working.

Students will also receive coverage for ONE incident of accidental damage per year. Examples include the following:

  • Liquid spilled on or in the Chromebook.
  • Drops, falls and other collisions.
  • Damaged or broken LCD screen due to a drop.

Please note, again, that students WILL NOT receive free repair coverage for more than one damaged or cracked screen per school year. If the the student damages the device more that one time there will be a repair fee and if the Chromebook can not be repaired, then a $300 replacement fee will be issued.

Tenga en cuenta, una vez más, que los estudiantes no recibirán cobertura de reparación gratis por más de una pantalla dañada o agrietada durante el año escolar. Si estudiantes dañan el dispositivo más de una vez habrá una cuota de reemplazo de $ 300.

What the Technology Fee Does Not Cover

The following are examples of incidents not covered by the Dell warranty or Accidental Damage Protection. Should the following occur, the repair or replacement cost will need to be paid by the student and parent (s).

  • Intentional damage resulting from abuse or vandalism.
  • Loss, missing, or theft of the student's Chromebook.

In the event that the Chromebook assigned to a student should develop a technical problem or become damaged, the issue should be reported to Library Media Center.

How to Report and Receive Tech Support:

Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook issued to them by the District. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken to the Library Media Center.

All repair requests will be processed by Ms. Browning in Library Media Center.