Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes meet?

The FAC has 2 sessions daily: 9:15-11:05 AM and 1:30-3:20 PM.

How much credit do I earn?

2 units of elective credit/year. Many FAC classes are Honors level, and AP classes are offered in Studio Art and Music Theory.

Is it free?

YES, for any accepted student living in Greenville County.

Does applying obligate me to attend?

NO. Students must accept or decline their invitation to attend the Fine Arts Center.

Do I have to transfer to Wade Hampton?

NO. If accepted to attend the Fine Arts Center, students may apply through the District’s special permission process and will be granted permission to attend Wade Hampton. However, buses are available from the high schools, if students choose to remain at their assigned school. Students are allowed to drive to the Fine Arts Center with appropriate permission from the school administration and their families.

Can I apply in more than one art area?

YES. Apply in as many as you like; if you are accepted in more than one, you will need to choose one area to study.

Can I choose a different art area in a later year?

YES, providing you are accepted in that area through the standard audition/interview process..

Do I have to be a polished artist already to be accepted?

NO. The audition/interview will assess previous experience, yes, but will also evaluate the applicant’s talent, creativity, and motivation. Academic records and a recommendation from a teacher are also considered.

Do I have to spend 4 years at the FAC?

NO. You can begin classes at the FAC in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades. You can stay for as long as your schedule will allow, providing that your work earns you the privilege to return for another year.

Is it challenging? Do I need to be serious?

YES. None of the classes at the FAC are “easy-A” arts classes. Roughly 96% of FAC graduates go to college.

Do I need to be committed to a career in the arts to attend?

NO. Roughly 62% of FAC graduates go on to study the arts in college; the rest pursue their art as an avocation or simply enjoy a lifetime of enhanced appreciation of the arts. Some students will discover that serious, in-depth study and practice of the arts is their most fulfilling life path.

Are there advantages to arts study at the FAC over my home high school?

YES. Small class sizes, 2 hours of arts study daily, very advanced instruction by artist/teachers, great facilities, frequent visiting artists, and healthy collegial relationships with other students who are serious about their art.

Could I earn scholarship money with my study at the FAC?

Definitely. Many students earn scholarship dollars based on their experience at the Fine Arts Center.