Monarch Elementary School Counselors

Dear Monarch Families,

As the Monarch School Counselors, we are here to help all students develop and pursue academic, career, personal, and social goals. When students receive the support they need in these areas, they become prepared and motivated to be successful students and good friends to others. We will work with students through creative, interactive classroom lessons, encouraging students "adopt" traits contributing to personal integrity and educational success. Lesson topics include: Getting along with others, goal setting, time management, the power of words, bullying, careers, responsibility, coping skills, etc., and are developed from our state school counseling standards. We will also offer small "support" groups to students who are dealing with similar struggles, such as a death in the family, as well as individual consultation for students, parents, and teachers. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have, or to help you find resources that address your needs!


Laurie Crouch , Grades 3-5 Caroline Coy, Grades K-2

864-452-0613 864-452-0670

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