Roper Mountain Virtual Field Trips

Give students the excitement of a field trip to Roper Mountain without ever leaving your classroom or school. Roper Mountain's dynamic instructors come direct to your classroom through two-way video conferencing technology. Each standards-based lesson is unique and engaging.

Criteria for this Badge:

· Learn how to participate in a virtual field trip

· Learn benefits in participating in a virtual field trip

· Learn technical requirements for participation

· Learn how to know what your roll is in a virtual field trip

· Sign up for an account to book a virtual field trip

· Take virtual field trip assessment with 80% accuracy.

· Participate in a virtual field trip

· Reflect on experience of virtual field trip

Presenter Jasmin Poor working with 4th grade students during the Amazing Animal Program offered at Roper Mountain Science Center.

What is a Virtual Field Trip?

Virtual field trips are lessons conducted by a trained facilitator through video conference equipment. Your will class will connect virtually with a presenter who will share a program with your students. Virtual field trips include interactive components as well as group work. Each program offers a unique way of integrating technology into your classroom in a meaningful way. This provides students with wonderful opportunities to meet experts in the field and experience places and things that they wouldn't normally get to do within their classroom.

From Mars to the Oregon Trail Roper Mountain has a program to support your learning goals.

These standards-based programs provide opportunities for students to engage in their learning in new ways.

From Science to social studies Roper Mountain Science Center's virtual field trip offerings provide hands-on distance opportunities for students. Each program is created with South Carolina standards in mind. We use inquiry to support the development of knowledge of each of the participants.

Whether using these programs as a jump start to your unit or a wrap-up, our presenters provide content customized to your class. Through our live one-to-one connections students are able to directly interact with the presenter asking questions and supporting their learning.

Presenter Mary Mueller provides students with a lesson on properties of matter.

Attending programs is as simple as...

Choosing A Program

Visit the Roper Mountain Virtual Field Trip page to learn about the dynamic programs that we offer. Programs are being added throughout the year. Make sure to match the program of your choice with you own learning goals for the unit that they're in. These programs make a great introduction or wrap-up for units.

Booking A Program

To book your program you will need to create a free account on the CILC- Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration webpage.

Video Tutorial for CILC Website

CILC How to Book Roper Mountain Tutorial.mp4

Here is a quick tutorial on how to navigate the CILC website and book your program with Roper Mountain Science Center.

Once your program is booked you will receive an email from CILC with a copy of your request. Next, you will get an email from Roper Mountain Science Center confirming your request and finally a confirmation email directly from Roper Mountain with the contract for your program.

Preparing For Your Program

Can you hear me now?

Test Connect

Our staff will work with you to determine a time to test your connection. We will "meet" with you in our Online Zoom Room. You will need to create an online Zoom account and make sure that there aren't any firewalls within your district that prevent you from connecting with Zoom.

Simply enter the Meeting ID into Zoom and say hello to the presenter.

What Do You Need?

Roper Mountain suggests that participants have a webcam that is able to capture the entire classroom, if possible, speakers for our presenter to communicate with your class, and a microphone so that your class can communicate with the presenter. Simply project your Zoom room onto your board and you're all set.

Roper Mountain will send you a teacher guide with any materials that your class will need for the program as well as directions for how to arrange your room and support the presenter in facilitating the program.

Explain the process and program of the virtual field trip with your students to prepare them. Ensure that they are aware of the expectations and are prepared with any pre-activities for the program.

Participating In The Program

As the classroom facilitator, your job is to support the presenter with facilitating the supplies and supporting with classroom management. You may need to support students with interacting with the program and the presenter by allowing them to answer questions as well as ask them throughout the program. Encourage students to speak up and let them know where the camera and microphone are located in the room so they can be heard by the presenter.

Virtual field trips are unique experiences that can be very exciting and engaging for students. Please allow students to enjoy the program while remaining respectful of the presenter.

Before completing the assessment ensure that you have created an account in CILC and Zoom, booked a program, and scheduled a test connect.

Virtual Field Trip Assessment

Please complete the following assessment with 80% or above accuracy. You will need to select the program you have booked and date of your test connect.

Roper Mountain will provide your badge through email once the criteria have been met. Please reach out if you have any questions at all.

Congratulations on integrating technology in a meaningful way into your classroom to support your students with engaging and going beyond the curriculum. After you have attended the virtual field trip please provide feedback to the presenter through the link emailed following the program. Also take a moment to reflect on the virtual field trip experience with your classroom.