Ms. Roberson's Classroom

Ms. Jamie Roberson

Classroom: 710

Phone: (864)-355-6378



1st Period: English 3 H- 8:45-9:35

2nd Period: English 2 CP- 9:40-10:30

3rd Period: Planning- 10:35-11:25

4th Period: Planning- 11:55-12:00

5th Period: English 2 CP- 1:05-1:55

6th Period: English 3 H- 2:00-2:50

7th Period: English 3 H- 2:55-3:45

A Bit About Me

Hello! My name is Jamie Roberson and I will be your guide through English 2 and 3 this year!

Like any true English teacher I'm a voracious reader. I've enjoyed spending my summer lost in worlds of fantasy, adventure, and romance. More recently I've devoted my time to rereading the Harry Potter series.

I am extremely excited about the upcoming school year. This will be my sixth year teaching high school English, and I'm hoping that this will be one for the books! I know that it will already be off to a great start, as I will be transitioning from Ms. to Mrs. in October!

Lots of adventures await us this year, so I hope you're as excited as I am!

-Ms. Roberson

After School

I will stay after school on Monday and Tuesday in order to offer extra help to those that need it.

Other days available by appointment.