Parent Support Resources

Parents often come to me about ways to help their children with homework and studying. I will be providing some videos and graphics here that can assist parents as they help students review and reinforce what they learn in class. If you are seeking resources that are not provided below, complete this form to let me know what or how I can help provide support for you as you study and work at home with your child.

Long Division


double digit dating.pdf
lattice cat scratches.pdf
zero the hero.pdf

Subtraction with Ungrouping/Regrouping

Subtracting Across Zeros

Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

This single digit addition and subtraction worksheet is configured for 2 numbers in a vertical problem format. The range of numbers used for each worksheet may be individually varied to generate different sets of mixed operator problems.

2nd Grade Regrouping

Confused about the term "ungrouping"? You are not alone. Here's a little explanation, along with embedded links to a Washington Post article about why you and your child may be speaking different math language.

2nd Grade RUBS

RUBS Poster.pdf

Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

Learn about DOK and the types of assessment questions your child will be asked throughout the year, as well as on end-of-year state testing.


RACE Writing Strategy

Dividing Fractions

Comparison Bars/Bar Models (for intermediate students)