7th social Studies

Ms. Mills Barker

Social studies in the seventh grade is a course in contemporary cultures that continues from the examination of early cultures in grade six. In grade seven, students examine the history and geography of human societies from 1600 to the present. They learn about the growing interaction among these societies as well as the exchange of ideas, beliefs, technologies, and commodities among them. Students also address the continuing growth of the political and economic ideas that shaped the modern world. They study the concepts of reason and authority, the natural rights of human beings, the divine right of kings, experimentalism in science, the development of limited government, and the roots of modern-day tensions and issues.

Units of Study

Unit 1: Colonialism of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Unit 2: Absolutism and the Enlightenment

Unit 3: Nationalism Spreads Worldwide

Unit 4: Impact of the Industrial Revolution

Unit 5: Age of Imperialism

Unit 6: World War I

Unit 7: Great Depression and the Rise of Totalitarianism

Unit 8: World War II

Unit 9: The Cold War

Unit 10: The Post Cold War Conflict

Unit 11: Moving to Our Modern Society

Course Description


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