Mrs. Standifer's Website

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. this will mark my sixteenth year as a teacher and will be my seventh year teaching at Mauldin High School. I was born and raised in South Carolina and have lived here all of my life.

The purpose of this website is to inform you and your student of current and upcoming assignments/events in my class. This year I will be teaching CP Biology and Anatomy & Physiology CP. Please click on the link for the class you are taking to view all of the pertinent information for the class.

I look forward to working with your children and you, and to a fun, productive school year. I encourage both students and parents to use this site throughout the year. I am looking forward to an exciting and fun school year! Working together, I know that we can make a difference!

Contact Information

Instructor: Mrs. Laquana Standifer

Courses: CP Biology

Anatomy & Physiology CP

Room: B317


Voice mail: (864) 355-6592

Extra Help: Before or after school by appointment (a one day advance notice is required).


Warning Bell 8:40

1st Period 8:45-9:35 CP Biology

2nd Period 9:41-10:31 Anatomy & Physiology CP

3rd Period 10:37-11:31 Planning

4th Period/A Lunch 11:37 - 11:59 Planning

4th Period/B Lunch 12:05 - 12:27 Planning

4th Period/C Lunch 12:33 - 12:55 Planning

5th Period 1:01-1:51 CP Biology

6th Period 1:57-2:47 CP Biology

7th Period 2:53-3:45 CP Biology


1. Three ring binder (1.5-inch) - with pockets in front and back

2. Loose leaf notebook paper

3. #2 pencils AND pens (blue or black ink)

4. Chromebook (provided by school)

5. Headphones/Earbuds - for use with Chromebook


Biology Textbook: Discovery Education Techbook (online)

To log into the online book you must first authenticate your chromebook and then use your school log in and password. Students will be shown how to access the online book in class.

Anatomy & Physiology Textbook: Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, 11th ed. Elaine N. Marieb

A hard copy will be available in class. Students will be shown how to access the online book in class.


1. Kleenex

2. Hand Sanitizer

3. Paper Towels