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My schedule

Fall 2018

1st Block (8:45-10:20) - Spanish 2

2nd Block (10:25-11:55) - Spanish 2

3rd Block (12:00-2:05) - Spanish 2

4th Block (2:10-3:45) - Planning

Spring 2019

1st Block (8:45-10:20) - Spanish 1

2nd Block (10:25-11:55) - Spanish 1

3rd Block (12:00-2:05) - Planning

4th Block (2:10-3:45) - Spanish 2

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Phone: (864)355-0492

Please note...

  • I typically only check email during school hours.
  • The phone will not ring during class time, but you may leave a voicemail with a callback number.
  • I will reply to all emails and voicemails within one business day.

Mission Statement

Educate. Inspire. Empower.


To educate and inspire students to become responsible, discerning, productive citizens empowered to change the world.


Our vision centers on a shared philosophy that we must serve our diverse student body with a personalized plan for all students, beginning at their current academic level and guiding them to graduation and beyond, fully prepared and confident to contribute to society.