Mrs. Bryan's Website

Mrs. Bryan's Website

Welcome to my website. I am excited to be teaching Honors Chemistry and AP Physics 1. Below you will find my contact information, schedule and office hours. My course syllabus and other important information can be found on the provided links.

Contact Information

Phone: (864) 355-6568


2018/2019 Schedule

Period 1 Honors Chemistry

Period 2 AP Physics 1

Period 3 Planning

Period 4 Honors Chemistry

C Lunch

Period 5 Honors Chemistry

Period 6 Planning

Period 7 Honors Chemistry

Office Hours

I am available for extra help and makeup work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, before and after school.

Instructional Philosophy:

I believe every student has the capability to succeed in school. I want to challenge and engage students by differentiating instruction to meet their needs. I believe science gives students the ability to question and investigate their world through experimentation. It is my goal to provide a safe, positive atmosphere for learning for all students.