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la Sra. Hunter

Bienvenidos al sitio web de las clases de la Sra. Hunter. This page is constantly under construction, so check back often.

Tutoring: If you are feeling lost, come see me right away to set up a tutoring session. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Tutoring occurs every Tuesday after school or by appointment. If by appointment, students must sign-up at least 24 hours in advance. Late buses are available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

¿Ausente? If you are absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check with me when you return to see what you missed. Check Google Classroom for the day you were absent and print (and do!) assignments if possible. Upon returning to class, check the absent box/folder for papers with your name on them, then speak with me. Remember your five day deadline!

Grading: Following the district guidelines, grades will be composed of 60% major assignments (tests, projects, performance assessments) and 40% minor assignments (10% homework, 30% quizzes, classwork, etc.). No extra credit assignments will be offered. All extra credit is built into existing assignments.

A = 90—100 B = 80—89 C = 70—79 D = 60—69 F = 59 and below

Missing/late work: If your homework or classwork is not complete, it will not be accepted. For missing or incomplete turn-it-in assignments, you will complete a pink-slip and receive a zero until the work is done. When the work is complete, turn it in with a green late slip. Late homework will not earn a grade higher than 50%. Late work will not be accepted more than five days after the due date.


Sra. Corey Elizabeth Hunter

Profesora de Español 2Adv/3H/4CP

JL Mann High School—room 713

1st: Spanish 3H

2nd: planning

3rd: Spanish 4 CP

4th: Spanish 2A

5th: Spanish 3H

6th: planning

7th: Spanish 2A




Please visit the link for your class to review your syllabus for important information shared during the first week of school.

El horario de la señora Hunter:

1a hora: Español 3 Honores

2a hora: planning

3a hora: Español 4 CP

4a hora: Español 2 Avanzada

5a hora: Español 3 Honores

6a hora: planning

7a hora: Español 2 Avanzada

Mission Statement:

The mission of J.L.Mann High School is to provide each student with the opportunity to become lifelong learners by nurturing students' individuality, guiding students' learning, and challenging students to think critically through the shared involvement of teachers, administrators, parents and community members.

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