GCVSP Fall Term

The information below pertains to students who wish to pay to take an online class through Greenville County Virtual Program. This information DOES NOT pertain to students who are registered in FREE GCVSP classes embedded in their school's daily schedule during the regular school year. Please see your School Counselor for more information regarding those classes.

  • Greenville County Virtual Program is provided to students to supplement the coursework they take in their regular brick/mortar schools. Students must be enrolled in a regular Greenville County Schools brick/mortar school in order to take a GCVSP course online.
  • Class Dates for Fall Term 2019: August 20, 2019 - January 14, 2020
  • Students must have a computer and daily internet access in order to participate in the program. Students should check to make sure their computer meets the system requirements before registering for a class.
  • Students are to be aware that as a Google District, GCVSP courses rely heavily on Google Applications to deliver and assess instruction. GCVSP courses are built in GCS Google Classrooms which are tied to the GCS Student Information System. This means that students should know how to use Google Apps to submit assignments and tests or be willing and open to learning. While the program will make every attempt to be flexible, assignments and submission of work outside of Google Apps, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Registration for Greenville County Schools students is either through the School Counselor at the school where the student is currently enrolled, or through BackPack and begins July 29, 2019. All payments sent by US Mail must be postmarked by August 16, 2019. Online payments must be confirmed in the system and received by August 16, 2019. The required application documents, signed by parent and student, must be submitted to the student's School Counselor. (Click on the link) Student Application Packet
  • If a GCS student who is enrolled in a GCVSP course withdraws from the district mid-term to attend school in another district, state or country, the student will lose his/her GCS account and will also lose access to the course and the programs embedded within the Google Classroom. No academic penalty will be assessed in such cases, but the student is removed automatically from the course when he/she withdraws from their home school. Students who know they are going to move to another district or are going to be withdrawn from GCS should not enroll in a GCVSP class. (Programs such as the Governors School for the Arts require the student be withdrawn from the school district, so students admitted to SCGSA should not enroll in a GCVSP virtual course.)
  • Students traveling abroad are STRONGLY discouraged from enrolling in GCVSP courses due to unreliable access to the GCVSP course platform.
  • All available courses for a particular term are listed within the Course Offerings on the front page of the website. Click on the link of the term you are interested in. Not all courses are offered in every term. Fall Term Course Catalog
  • Courses are subject to enrollment, i.e. some courses may not make due to low enrollment. Near the end of the registration period, students should check with their School Counselor for a list of classes that did not make. (No email from the program will be sent to parents regarding cancelled classes due to the volume and timing of cancellations) Any student that pays for a class that does not make due to low enrollment, will receive a refund through the US Mail. If payment was made online, the refund will not include the small nonrefundable fee charged by MySchoolBucks, the company that handles online payments.
  • Students may take courses for initial credit or to repeat credit for a course failed. All courses are high school courses and fall under the district's High School grading guidelines. Only final grades are floored at a grade of 50. Late submission policies are very strict and are posted clearly on every course.
  • To pay for the course online, please see your School Counselor at the school where you are currently enrolled. Parents must have a MySchoolBucks account to pay online with the student attached to the account. MySchoolBucks charges a small nonrefundable fee to process an online payment.
  • To pay for the course via US Postal Service, please see your School Counselor. Mailed fee MUST be accompanied by Payment Card which is given to student by School Counselor at time of registration. If payment is mailed, only certified checks and money orders are accepted; no personal checks.
    • If Payment Card is not received with payment, student will not be registered and payment will be returned.
    • If personal check is mailed as payment, student will not be registered and payment will be returned.
  • Students who have registered with their School Counselor at the school where they are currently enrolled, and submitted payment successfully, will receive a welcome email from their online teacher the first day of class. The district does not send confirmation emails of registration due to the volume and timeline of registration. Be aware that if the student applies through BackPack, an automated email is sent immediately after applying. This email is not confirmation that the student is in the class; only that the application was received. The School Counselor must approve the application for it to be considered active; therefore, students who wish to know if they are successfully registered should plan to contact their School Counselor prior to the start date of the class.
  • Requests for refund and withdrawal from the course must be in writing (email to lherd@greenville.k12.sc.us ) and made by August 30, 2019. Withdrawals after this deadline result in a WF/50 per state grading policy for high school courses and no refund will be issued.
  • Final Exams for students in GCVSP classes are non-traditional and project-based with the exception of End-of-Course Exams. GCVSP Final Exams do NOT require a face-to-face proctored session at the school. (End-of-Course Exams are administered at a GCS school location on a pre-determined date and time set by the student's school.) Final Exams count 20% of the final grade, per district policy. Contact your online teacher or School Counselor for details.