Final Exam Information

Questions should be directed to the School Counselor. Every online course requires a final exam which counts 20% of the final grade.

Students enrolled in GCVSP courses (Greenville County Virtual School Program):

GCVSP courses do not require face-to-face final exams. The final exam is a nontraditional, project-based assessment or activity that counts 20% of the final grade. Contact the online teacher for information. EXCEPTION: Students in EOC courses (Algebra 1, English 1, English 2, and US History) are required to take the State End-of-Course Final Exam at their school location on the date/time specified by the School Counselor. The EOC exam counts as the final exam in these courses and is 20% of the final grade.

Students enrolled in VIRTUALSC courses (South Carolina's Virtual School Program):

VirtualSC Credit Recovery does not require a final exam. Students in VirtualSC Credit Recovery do not have to take a final exam.

VirtualSC students in Initial Credit courses have two options for taking the final exam. See Below.


For a fee, students may independently contract with an online exam proctoring company, ProctorU, for their Final Exam. (Excludes EOC exams) If students select this option, they must contract with ProctorU PRIOR to exams, notify their online teacher and their School Counselor, and schedule their online proctored exam during the exam window provided by their online teacher. ProctorU is also the option for making up exams during the ProctorU window. Details are provided by the online teacher or student may visit www.proctoru.com VirtualSC students who wish to use ProctorU before or after the assigned/posted exams dates must first seek approval from their VirtualSC teacher. All students who contract with ProctorU must notify their online teacher AND their School Counselor in charge of Final Exam options at their school. (ProctorU is only available for non-EOC courses)


Students should see their School Counselor for the dates and times for taking the Final Exam if they are not contracting with ProctorU. The School that registers the student is responsible for administering the Final Exam. Face-to-Face Final Exams for students enrolled in iniital credit VIRTUALSC courses are administered at the student's school location during the exam window.

Important Info for Students taking VIRTUALSC Final Exams:

  • Students are not allowed to take a Final Exam at home unless they have contracted with ProctorU.
  • Students MUST have their USERNAME and PASSWORD to take a Final Exam.
  • Students must have a valid photo ID that is government-issued or issued by the school he/she currently attends. It must be an original, physical document (not photocopied or electronic). It must bear the student's legal name. If student does not have a picture ID, he/she must provide 2 forms of identification. They must be original, physical documents (NOT photocopied or electronic) Examples of Non-picture ID: Birth Certificate/Social Security Card