Enrollment Steps

Students who are interested in enrolling in a virtual class should begin by talking to their School Counselor. Virtual courses require that a student be motivated, organized and have a computer with internet access. Greenville County Schools provides multiple options for students whose parents and School Counselor agree that online instruction is a good fit for the student.

GCS Virtual School Program (GCVSP) is Greenville County School's local online program available to GCS students in grades 7 through 12. South Carolina's virtual program (VirtualSC) is available to GCS students in grades 9 through 12. Students and parents should explore options by reviewing each program to decide which best meets the curricular needs of the student. Although Greenville County Schools students may initiate the registration process, the School Counselor at the school where the student is currently enrolled must approve all applications.

Neither program is a school or diploma-granting institution. Students can take one or two courses to get ahead, to repeat courses or to provide flexibility in their schedule at their brick/mortar school. Reasons to Take a GCVSP Course Each program provides courses in fall, spring and summer terms, but the calendar for registration, the duration of courses, and the courses offered each term vary by program. Parents and students should be aware before registering that if the student withdraws from Greenville County Schools to attend another program or school in another district, state or country, he or she will lose access to their GCS Virtual Course. Students who travel outside the country are in jeopardy of losing access because of unreliable internet. GCVSP courses are deadline-driven; this means that assignments are not rolled out early and assignments turned in beyond the due date accrue a late penalty. For that reason students should not register if they are going to be without the internet for 3+ days or they are withdrawing to attend a school in another district or a program such as the Governor's School or if they are traveling outside the US. GCVSP is not liable for loss of access to the curriculum due to these reasons.

If a student is interested in registering for a GCVSP course, he/she can begin by downloading the GCVSP Student Application Packet . Take the signed documents to the School Counselor at the school where the student is currently enrolled and the Counselor will either help the student complete an online application or direct the student to the BackPack portal on the front page of the school district's website. The student can complete an online application via this Backpack portal on their own. Completing the application via BackPack does not mean that the student is enrolled. The application must be approved by the School Counselor before the student's application can be made active. If the class requires payment, the counselor will give the student a link to online payment or a payment card that can be mailed in with a money order or certified check. Payment must be received by the deadline posted on the GCVSP website. If a GCS Student is enrolled in a GCVSP course and finds that they must withdraw in mid-term, he/she will lose access to all GCS programs, including GCVSP course content, when they withdraw from their home school. So, if a student is moving or is to be withdrawn after the course begins, he/she should not enroll in a GCVSP course. Students who plan to travel outside the US are strongly discouraged from registering for a GCVSP course due to the unreliability of internet access and other technical issues that GCVSP cannot control.

GCS Middle Schools, and select programs such as the Fine Arts Center, the Career Centers, and the Early College, offer students the opportunity to take high school virtual courses through GCVSP for free during the school day as part of their schedule. In 2018-2019, over 2500 middle and high school students took advantage of this option through their school or program. For details, see your School Counselor.