About Us


As part of our mission, Greenville County Schools strives to provide educational experiences that prepare students for lifelong learning and for ethical, productive participation in a democratic society and the global community. One way we can achieve this mission is by providing online learning opportunities as encouraged by the National Technology Plan (2017). Providing GCS students with access to e-learning will allow them to advance their education and participate in an instructional medium that is prevalent in today's post-secondary institutions and workforce training opportunities. Greenville County Students may take online courses through two online programs. (GCVSP and VirtualSC) See your School Counselor for more information.

Greenville County Virtual School Program (GCVSP) is a district-sponsored online program serving GCS students in grades 7 through 12. GCVSP is not a school and students cannot attend full time. The program offers rigorous online courses aligned to state standards that are taught by highly qualified, SC high school certified teachers who have earned credentials in online instruction and also teach in Greenville County regular schools. GCVSP provides a teacher-led, virtual classroom environment and has over 50 course offerings in the core content areas, world languages, career and technology, electives and a selection of AP courses. GCVSP is not an online high school or a diploma-granting institution, but a resource for supplementing educational opportunities for students. Students can take one or two courses to supplement the curriculum they are taking at the school in which they are enrolled. Most classes are semester-length. All require a final exam. Each class has a published start and end date, and classes are not self-paced; they are deadline driven. GCVSP courses taken outside the school day are fee-based. Select schools and programs offer GCVSP courses for FREE during the school day. See School Counselor for details.

GCVSP courses work like face-to-face classes. Students complete lesson activities, homework, research, projects, class discussions, and tests. Teachers are available to students throughout the entire length of the course. The primary difference is that the online course activities happen over the internet. Students must log in to class daily. This requires students have access to a working computer and an internet connection. Some courses are embedded in the schedule during the school day at select schools that provide a space and a device. These courses are free to the student. If courses are taken outside of the school day, in addition to the regular schedule, the student is responsible for their own technology and the courses are fee-based.

Greenville County Students may take online courses through two programs. See your School Counselor for more information.