Workers' Compensation

SAFETY at work is the School District’s #1 concern for its employees; however, we understand that accidents do happen. This site is developed to assist and ease the burden of any work related injury.

Be Safe and Work Safely

Should you sustain an injury while in the course of your work, this pamphlet will 1) help you understand the process to receive prompt medical care, 2) minimize the impact on your ability to work, and 3) help reduce any disruption this injury may have on your life.

As an employee, always think safety first and practice safety awareness. Use the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and watch out for and report all unsafe acts.

The School Districts Commitment to You

If you are injured on the job, Greenville County Schools is committed to providing you with quality medical care in accordance with SC Workers’ Compensation Law.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation (WC) is a statute governing an employee’s rights regarding medical care, disability benefits, and lost-wage compensation should an employee be injured in the course of the performance of their job.

The law further established the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission to ensure that employers comply with the statute.

What must I do if I incur a work-related injury?

Report your accident/incident immediately (as soon after the injury/accident occurs) to your supervisor. Your supervisor will have you complete an injury report and direct you to a medical provider designated by the School District.

Can I see my own doctor?

Workers’ Compensation Law requires that employees who are injured on the job be treated at a medical facility designated by your employer. Your supervisor will assist you in scheduling the initial appointment at a Designated Medical Facility.

Medical Treatment After Normal Work Hours

If you require medical treatment and it is after normal work hours your supervisor will assist you in receiving any medical treatment you may need.

Will I have to pay for any medical treatment?

If you follow Greenville County Schools Workers’ Compensation (WC) procedure you will not be asked to pay for any medical expenses. Your medical and WC benefits are managed by a third party administrator (TPA) working on behalf of the school district. You will receive a letter from this administrator confirming your WC claim status. If you are asked to pay for any services related to your WC claim, please notify your supervisor or contact the WC TPA.

What happens after the Doctor’s Visit?

The treating physician will make a medical determination as to the course of treatment as well and your ability to return to work. You will be provided with a doctor’s note regarding your work status. Be sure to give the note to your supervisor.

If needed in the future, a nurse case manager may be assigned to assist in your treatment and recovery.

What about the cost of Prescriptions?

The treating doctor may prescribe medication to assist in your recovery process. The prescription may be filled at any BI-LO or Walgreens Pharmacy.

Information regarding pharmacy prescription information can be found on page 1 of the employee injury report you should have received from your supervisor.

What is Restricted, Modified or Light Duty?

If the doctor releases you to return to work with restrictive, modified, or light duty, your supervisor will review the restrictions with Human Resources. Human Resources will determine if temporary work restriction or light duty can be accommodated. These accommodations are temporary and will be reevaluated after the next doctor’s appointment. Note: If accommodations are made and you refuse the accommodations, you will forfeit your lost-wage benefits.

What if I’m placed off work or my restrictions cannot be accommodated?

If the doctor places you out of work or your department is unable to accommodate your work restrictions you may be eligible for lost-wage benefits under SC Workers’ Compensation law after a 7 day waiting period. If you are out of work for more than 14 days, you may receive compensation from the first day out of work.

Note: Lost time compensation payments are mailed directly to your home by the School District’s Workers’ Compensation Third Party Administrator (TPA) and not via Greenville County Schools payroll.

Lost time compensation is calculated at 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage (based on the four quarters prior to your injury) but is limited to the maximum average weekly wage in South Carolina.

While out of work, you will not be able to use any accrued sick leave for out of work compensation. Accrued sick leave is not used for Leave of Absence (LOA) caused by a work-related injury. Exception: 5 days of accrued sick leave can be used during the initial 7 day waiting period.

During the lost-time period you will be placed on a leave of absence (LOA) status with the district. LOA (time away from work) will be managed by Human Resources and absences will be counted concurrently in accordance with Federal FMLA statutes. Questions regarding FMLA should be directed to the School District’s Human Resources Office.

Employee Rights under Workers’ Compensation

The SC Workers’ Compensation Commission was established by law to assist injured employee during the workers’ compensation process. You are not required or should feel compelled to obtain legal representation to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. If you desire to hire an attorney, all attorney fees are your responsibility and any settlements you are entitled to will be shared with your attorney. Should you have questions regarding SC Workers’ Compensation Law, you can contact the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission at (803) 737-5700 or via their website at

For More Information and answer to questions regarding Greenville County Schools Workers’ Compensation Procedures click on the link below under Employee Assistance.