Science Fair

Mrs. DeMeritt ~ Ms. Teeple ~ Mrs. Shuler

What do you want to change?

That's really how it all starts. What are you curious about? What would you change? Would you do anything differently?

I cannot wait to hear what exciting questions each student comes up with. Whether you want to investigate by yourself or with a group, there are so many ways to discover, investigate, and create! If you're unsure or need some ideas, check out the link to the left. Google Science Fair is a yearly competition open to 13 - 18 year old students. They all had GREAT ideas; I'm confident you will too! If you need some help. check out the link below for some ideas!

Students in grades 3 - 5 will be able to participate in the following ways:

3rd grade (individual projects)

4th grade (individual or group projects)

5th grade (individual or group projects)

*Groups may only contain 2 - 4 members from the same grade level*

Need More info...check out the video below!


Organizer Ideas - Keep all your info together! Print this at home and use it to keep everything together.

SF Project Planning Sheet.pdf

Parents, the packet below is full of tips & info for you!



Need help setting up your board? Check out the Sample Backboard Design sheet here!


Use this to help you develop a proper conclusion.