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Wade Hampton High School

The Mission:

Educate. Inspire. Empower

The Purpose of WHHS

To educate and inspire students to become responsible, discerning, productive citizens empowered to change the world.

The Vision for WHHS

Our vision centers on a shared philosophy that our diverse student body must be served with a personalized plan for each and ever students regardless of starting point, where the focus begins at his current academic level and continues to guide him to the ultimate goal, graduation, fully prepared and confident to contribute to society.

Class Schedule: 2nd Semester

1st block: English IV CP (8:45-10:15) Contact:

2nd block: AP Literature (10:20-11:55)

3rd block: AP Language (12:30-2:05) (864)-355-0155

4th block: AP Language (2:10-3:45)