Auto Collision Repair

Welcome to the Auto Collision Repair Program at Golden Strip Career Center.

This program is intended to help students learn the skills needed to obtain an entry level position, and succeed, in the collision repair industry. Skills like sheet metal repair, spraying various top coats and undercoats, plastic repair using epoxys and nitrogen welding, MIG welding, estimating, shop safety, and interpersonal skills.

Students have the opportunity to earn multiple certifications while in the program. These certifications include ASE Student certifications, I-CAR Certifications, and the SP2 safety Certification.

Students who prove them selves to be hard working, trustworthy, and show professionalism will have the opportunity to participate in an internship and/or co-op. Students that participate in these programs will be able to learn on the job at a participating shop.

My hope for the students that graduate from the program is for them to find employment in the collision repair industry directly out of high school. Thanks to the steps Greenville County Schools has taken to create partnerships with local industry, that goal is being reached by a greater number of graduates each year. The completing class of 2016-17 saw the greatest number of students placed in area businesses.

Besides the potential for employment after graduation, the program has an articulation agreement with Greenville Tech. This allows the students to not just graduate with multiple college level courses but also enroll as a Tech student. This program is offered free to all students that attend the Collision Repair program.

Current Projects