Buena Vista

Enrichment Programs


The Buena Vista After School Enrichment Program offers students and families quality experiences to supplement their education in the classroom. Each semester, a wide assortment of classes are offered depending on space and availability and popularity. Each class is run by one of our Buena Vista staff members who establish the curriculum and schedule. Fees are set by the school.

Students will be enrolled in classes on a first-come first-served basis. In order to offer opportunities to as many students as possible, we are limiting students to two(2) enrichment applications. After the initial application process, students can sign up for additional enrichments provided there is space available.

Applications will be accepted at the front entrance of the school only. If you usually arrive on the back path, please make plans to come to the front entrance with payment and application(s).

Students are not enrolled until payment is received.

Checks can be made payable to Buena Vista Elementary and a separate check for each enrichment is required.