Mrs. Burdick's English Home Page

Welcome to my web site.

I believe that all students need a solid foundation in language arts, and it is my goal to help my students build this. Using the South Carolina Standards for English Language Arts, I will work very hard to bring meaningful lessons to the classroom. My goal is to prepare students to succeed in high school and as a former high school English teacher, I believe that I am equipped for that task. Learning to read analytically, comprehend new vocabulary, enhance writing skills, and understand the structure of the English language will benefit students throughout their lives.

I expect students to do their part in this endeavor. They need to complete all work in a timely manner and show respect for each other and me. They will need to follow classroom rules for optimal use of classroom time for instruction.

Each day students are now required to bring a book because we will have SSR for the first ten minutes of every class. During this time, I will be modeling reading and/or conferencing with students about what they are reading. Studies show that reading directly impacts students’ achievement, as well as helps to grow their reading “muscle”, which is a direct goal of the county ELA department.

Working together, I'm sure we will have a successful, rewarding year.

Class Schedule:

Flight: (8:30 to 9:03 a.m.)

Period 1: Planning (9:07 to 9:57 a.m.)

Period 2: English I Honors ( 10:01 to 10:56 a.m.)

Period 3: English Studies and Strategies (10:59 to 11:54 a.m.)

Period 4: Planning (11: 58 a.m. to 12:48 p.m.)

Lunch and Wellness: (12:51 to 1:28 p.m.)

Period 5: English I Honors (1:31 to 2:26 p.m.)

Period 6: English Studies and Strategies (2:29 to 3:25 p.m.)

Help is available: I am available to meet parents during most planning periods. I am always willing to meet students and parents outside those hours by appointment. Just let me know when you want to meet with me. I am available any day at lunch or after school if you let me know when you need to meet me. I have morning duty every Friday, so that is usually not the best time.

Contact me at: or call me directly at 355-8482.


Mrs. Burdick's Classroom Expectations

In order to have a productive learning environment, students are expected to:

- Wear their student IDs at all times

- Be on time and prepared for class.

- Be sitting in an assigned seat and engaging in on-task behavior when the bell rings

- Show respect for each other, teachers, and school property

- Do not interrupt learning

- Follow all guidelines in the Sevier Middle School’s Student Handbook

-Graded rough drafts must be submitted with a final draft or the student will only be able to earn a maximum grade of 60%.

Missing work policy – Complete work on time!

Late work will be marked down 10% a day for each day it is officially late.

Cheating – Automatic zero

Class Discipline – Students need to be well-behaved so all students have an equal opportunity to learn.

Consequences can include:

Lunch detentions

Removal from room

Parent phone call