La Clase De Español

¡Bienvenidos A La Clase De Español!

Mi Horario

1st Period 8th Grade - Spanish I

2nd Period 8th Grade - Spanish I


3rd Period 7th Grade - Exploratory

4th Period 7th Grade - Exploratory

Lunch / Planning

5th Period 6th Grade - Exploratory

6th Period 6th Grade - Exploratory

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BMS Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to prepare students academically, ethically, and socially for their future. Our Mission is to educate and nurture every student. Our Vision for Bryson Middle School is that we will be a community of learners that inspires and supports academic excellence and social responsibility. These are the foundation statements for our work.

Your Teacher's Mission Statement

My mission is to provide opportunities to communicate in Spanish in meaningful and purposeful activities that simulate real-life situations. In order to achieve this, I will use the Spanish language extensively and encourage the students to do so also. My instruction will be student-centered and reflect both student learning styles and intelligences.

My goal is to enable each student to be successful and develop a positive attitude toward the Spanish language, Hispanic cultures, and cultural diversity. I will treat each of my students with respect, and listen to their thoughts, concerns, and feelings in order to develop an effective classroom climate in which each student feels comfortable in taking risks.

I will use the textbook as a tool, not as a curriculum. Technology will be used, as appropriate, to facilitate teaching and learning.