ARMES donations

The State Department of Education, together with The Greenville County School District provide most of the funding needed for the ARMES program. However, since we do not require students to pay tuition or a class fee to participate in the program, we depend on your donations exclusively for our supplies, equipment, costumes, guest artists, and classroom materials.

The money we take in from donations goes directly to the student's particular discipline, and benefits all of those students equally, and these gifts are strictly voluntary.

You can use the link above to quickly and easily make a donation online. Be sure to select the area your child will be studying to ensure that your donation goes to the correct program. If you choose this option, a 3.75% fee will be added to the amount you give.

Donations are tax deductible, and can be made at any point during the year.

Thank you. Your generosity makes a big difference.