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This paper is created by a staff of fourth grade students. We hope to inform and entertain the students of Augusta Circle Elementary School about the important and fun goings-on. Enjoy!


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Mr. Kish

By Sanders Padgett and Preston Godfrey

Do you know one of the sportiest staff here? You probably guessed Mr. Kish. Mr. Kish has been here 39 years! He is a great athlete. When he was a kid he played many sports, but mostly baseball. His hard work paid off and he played at The University of South Carolina. He played pitcher. However, later on, he had a knee injury that kept him from pitching. Mr. Kish loves coaching. He would rather coach than play. We are lucky to have Mr. Kish!

Mr. Kish, enjoying lunch.


By Louise Lowe and Sophie Gwaltney

Introducing the best janitor in the world……..Mr. Willie! As you all know we have a great janitor. We asked him some questions and we realized that he is a very fun and friendly guy! When Mr. Willie is not cleaning the cafeteria he is cleaning other parts of the school. His favorite place to clean is all the classrooms.

He loves his job as a janitor because he loves spending time with children at ACE! He became interested in being a janitor because he used to work at the hospital and he just loves working around people, so he moved to ACE. And, we love being around him so much that we are so happy that he is with us every day at school!

At the moment, Mr. Willie is 52 years young. Just like some of us, he grew up in Greenville where he went to school at Wade Hampton High School. He has 1 child and his name is Alex who plays many sports. Mr. Willie loves being there to watch his son play sports. We all are honored to have Mr. Willie work at Augusta Circle!

Mr. Willie, laughing in the hallway, as always. We love your laugh, Mr. Willie!

Hello to Ms. Jo!

By Nadia Dickson and Rachel Owens

Hi, Augusta Circle Eagles! Nadia Dickson and Rachel Owens chose to interview Ms. Jo Burdette! For those of you who don’t know who she is, Ms. Jo is Augusta Circle's Plant Engineer. We asked her some questions about her hobbies, likes, and some other things about herself.

“What is fun about your job?”

I get to be around all of you at ACE!”

“What is your favorite hobby?”


“When did you start working as a plant engineer?”

Three years ago.”

“What other jobs have you had?”

I worked at Cryovac for thirty-three years!”

“ What do you usually do outside of school?”

Read and spend time with my daughter and dogs.”

“What is your favorite food?”


We sure learned a lot of new things about Ms. Jo! We hope you liked it!

Ms. Jo, working hard as usual.

Augusta Circle Book Fair is Almost Here!

By William Hoffman

The book fair is going to be in the Augusta Circle Library the week of February 25 through March 1. The fair is always a fun time. We asked Mrs. Conway some questions about the fair to learn more about it.

#1 Who runs the book fair? Parents who volunteer.

#2 What is the point of the book fair? To raise money for new books for the school library.

#3 When is the book fair? The school week February 25 to March 1.

#4 About how many people come each time? All the students, tons of adults, and even grandparents! Plus all the students will visit the fair during their regular Related Arts time.

#5 About how much money is made? About $3,000 each year to buy new books.

Wow! The book fair is not just fun, it is also helpful for the school library!

The Countdown to Book Fair has begun.

News Crew

By Hampton Renfrow and Davis Fairey

Every morning, we enjoy a wonderful news show. It is so mysterious to us... how do they get themselves all organized and ready each morning? It always looks so fun. We decided to ask some of the news crew members if they'd let us in on their little secret.

We interviewed Lilly Coker, Brad Gaw and Thomas Pitts from the news crew. Lilly told us her job was to lead us all in the Pledge of Allegiance. It's her favorite thing to do on the news.

Brad works hard each morning with all of the computer equipment. He prepares the images and videos that will be shown. It takes him about 5 minutes to make sure the show will be ready. He tries hard to make things work on time. He is really good with the equipment. When we asked him how he knew how to do everything, he said he practices a lot with his computers at home.

The entire crew needs to be at the studio by 8:00AM. Thomas told us each student is asked to be on the news for a few weeks out of a month.

That is all you need to know about the news crew!

WACE News Studio -- Ready to go on the air.

Mrs. Barnett

By Anna Puntch, Lucy Mac Brown, and Harper Miller

Welcome to ACE newspaper where we interview people and you read about them. We interviewed Mrs. Barnett.

When we entered the room, Mrs.Barnett screamed with joy (really loud) because she was getting interviewed. First we asked her where she spent her childhood. She answered, “I grew up in the amazing Memphis, TN.” Mrs. Barnett has been a wonderful ACE teacher "for seven wonderful years.”

We all know that kids hopefully love ACE. We also know that some people have favorite parts about our school too. So we decided to ask her this question: “What is your favorite part about ACE?” Mrs. Barnett said that her part about ACE is ”how everyone looks out for each other.”

Mrs. Barnett is our reading teacher and we were curious as to her favorite book. ”Tuck Everlasting.” (She spelled that out for us.) She recently read A Long Walk to Water to the fourth grade and they LOVED it. Her favorite author is Eve Bunting. We hear a lot of Eve Bunting stories in our class.

Her morning routine includes drinking iced coffee, showering, dressing and then getting to school where she is the fourth grade reading teacher. When we asked her what her favorite subject to teach was, she answered social studies and reading because she gets to teach reading to Ms. Richardson’s class. Mrs. Barnett told us how she had played school with her sister when she was young. She was really mean to her sister, so she "decided to be a nice teacher."

Mrs. Barnett is always talking about cute animals. When we asked her what her favorite animal is we were surprised to hear that she didn’t say a type of dog because she always talks about them. Her favorite animal is called an Emperor Tamarin.

Mrs. Barnett is a wonderful teacher. She truly loves her students and it is obvious she loves her job. We are lucky to have her here at ACE!

Mrs. Barnett's favorite animal - The Emperor Tamarin

Mrs. Mitchell

By Cason McCall and Anna Parks Leonard

You all know Mrs. Mitchell by now because she has been here for over 20 years!! We asked her a series of questions about herself, her life, about school, and also her kids!

“Are you getting a little tired of teaching?” we asked. Mrs. Mitchell said, “Not at all, but I am tired of grading papers.” If I were teaching, I would be tired of grading papers too!

Mrs. Mitchell has two children. Twins, in fact. Connelly and Mallory are both sophomores at Clemson University. Connelly plays rugby at school. We asked, “Is Connelly doing well in rugby?” She said, “Yes! He is doing very well! He starts back in February. His position is Scrum Half.” We would love to watch him play someday! We asked Mrs. Mitchell, “Does Mallory play a sport?” “She only does horse-back riding now, but she did soccer and swam for Greenville High,” she answered. “What is your favorite sport? ", we asked. Mrs. Mitchell said, “I love gymnastics, and I also used to be a coach for a team! I love to watch not only gymnastics, but all sports!” We love gymnastics too!

Mrs. Mitchell loves to share her love of reading with her students. We wanted to know her favorite book. “When I was younger Bridge to Terabithia was my favorite. I still love that book, but I like books that are historical fiction about people. I am actually in a book club too,” Mrs. Mitchell said.

Mrs. Mitchell has traveled a lot. Mitchell said, “I have gone to Jamaica, Germany, Greece, Australia, and New Zealand! My favorite part was when I got to share it with my family and friends!”

“Do you have any siblings?” we asked. “I do! I have three sisters and two brothers!”

We are glad to have Mrs. Mitchell at ACE for all these years!!

Mrs. Mitchell loves her students!

Ms. Carter

By Dewey Henderson and Hayes Estep

Ace newspaper interviewed Ms. Carter, our newest fourth grade teacher.

1. What's your favorite subject? Reading

2. What's your favorite book? Because of Mr.Terupt and The Masterminds Series

3. What school did you teach at before Augusta Circle? Ellen Woodside Elementary School

4. How long have you been teaching? Four years

5. Who is your favorite author? J.K Rowling, who wrote one of her favorite series, Harry Potter.

Mrs.Carter is a great teacher and is a great reading teacher for 4th grade.

Welcome to our school, Ms. Carter!

Ford's Comic.pdf


By Susannah Dunbar

The ACE This OR That Quiz is back!

Thank you to all who took the time to vote for your favorite foods. Check out the results below to see your favorites!

Hot Dog 31% vs. Hamburger 69%

Chocolate Ice Cream 87% vs. Vanilla Ice Cream 12%

French Fries 94% vs. Onion Rings 6%

And this February, we are featuring… BOOKS!!!

Would you rather read…

Nursery Rhymes OR Fairy Tales

Fiction OR Nonfiction

Funny OR Heartwarming

Suspenseful OR Scary

Wendy Mass OR Dr. Suess

Adventure OR Mystery

Harry Potter OR Junie. B

We’d love to hear your answers. There are forms outside the library. Just submit your answers in the box on the library bench. We will post the answers in our next edition of the ACE Eagle Newspaper.