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We have an exciting year ahead of us in science!

Biology = the study of LIFE!

This page is designed to give you a little info about me and each of my classes. Please email me with any questions (

Check out each of the class pages for more details and a copy of each Course Outline.

A little about me:

I truly love science and I am excited to share my passion with my students. I believe that science education should be inquiry based and include lots of hands-on learning. Classes will include lots of labs that allow student scientists to discover scientific principles with their own hands.

I have had lots of experiences in the field of science including working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali (West Africa). While in Mali I worked primarily in the fields of forestry and agriculture. I love bringing my out-of-the-classroom experiences into my classroom.

Google Classroom:

Students- During the first week of class you will sign-up for our class-specific Google Classroom. This is the spot to find all the documents, slides, labs, and links that we use in class. I will also post all due-dates and homework assignments on our Google Classroom.