Welcome to the Marsbound Resource Site. Marsbound is a classroom role playing game designed for groups between 30 and 150 students to engage in a Science and Social Studies rich experience. We ran the game unit over 12 lessons of an hour or an hour and half, with students in Grade 6-8. The objective of the unit was to provide a rich platform for learning about space, environmental systems, and introduce two social systems that don't get covered very much in the text books: Anarchy and Corporatocracy.

Feel like reading a narrative about the unit... we have it! The following story on Medium is an account on how the first iteration of this unit went... Read it here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this game for?

Any teacher willing to adventure into the world of role-playing with their kids as a way to stimulate a situated learning environment. Or... any student who can convince a group of his peers that this is the greatest way to spend their time.

How long will I need?

I would suggest having at least 12 hours of time to play this game properly... more time will help enormously. Also, keep in mind that the students will have to do some studying at home in order to get the quizzes done well.

How many students can play?

We have created spots for over 100 students to play concurrently, and have successfully delivered to that many students. Less can work as well, and while more may also work we would need to create a couple extra base maps for that (talk to us about it!)

What topics are covered?

The primary topic is Science, with a lot of Social Studies mixed in through the engagement in class. We cover a number of topics that we decided were relevant and pertinent to the theme of the game.

Why Play a Game?

It is really fun for all involved. The process sparks imaginations of both young and old, and motivates all to learn more about the topics we cover.

Marsbound - Playbook.pdf

If you are keen to learn more about this unit, or try it in your class, I am more than happy to help you figure it out. Please email me at RE: Mars Game Unit