Green Local Schools Employee Resources


The purpose of this website is to provide employees of Green Local Schools with access to information associated with employment law, Board of Education policies, and district procedures. It is intended as a source of information associated with standard district procedures and will expand and evolve over time. 

The Office of Human Resources seeks to avoid misunderstandings and provide answers to questions that may arise during your employment. The Administration makes decisions within the framework of Federal and Ohio laws and regulations as well as Board of Education policies. 

If you have questions or concerns, take the following steps in this order. 

Contact Us with Questions

Human Resources

Kimberly Brueck   ext. 617511 or 330-896-7511

Sandy Mercer  ext. 617584 or 30-896-7584

Financial Operations

Alicia Austin   ext. 617528 or 330-896-7528

Donna Curl  ext. 617527 or 30-896-7527