Green Hudson is working with our peers at Sustainable Stow to bring the DOER HeatSmart program to our communities. This program features clean heating and cooling, through cost effective energy efficient heat pump technology

Check out the official project site:

Education Forum slides - part 1

Heat Pumps 101 - Part 1

Introduction to the various types of HeatPumps

Education Forum slides - part 2

Heat Pumps 101 - Part 2

Introduction to the HeatSmart program and next steps

Hudson-Stow MTI Event Slides (5-11-19)

Meet the Installers

This event introduced the rebate programs associated with HeatSmart along with our two preferred installers.

Interested in the mechanics of heat pumps?

Check out this "Engineering Mindset" Video on how energy is transfer between the inside and outside, to meet your cooling and heating needs.