We are happy to welcome anyone (students, graduates, homemakers) who want to make a difference in the society. We will equip you with all the training material needed and hand hold you through the process. Volunteer needs to train the teachers on all the four modules (Food waste, Hygiene, Nutrition, Segregation) of Green Footprint and ensure that it is transmitted to the entire school. It will take 1 to 2 months to implement all the modules in one school depending on the level of cooperation from school management, training and follow up style of the volunteer.

Fluency in local language will be an added advantage.

Volunteer Certificate will be awarded after the completion of module implementation.

Join us by becoming a volunteer and Eco Guardian. Please drop a mail to mygrnfootprint@gmail.com with your name, contact details, special interests and we shall get back to you.


We welcome you to share ideas to enhance sustainable living. It can be a simple idea of carrying your own water bottle, when you travel to using advanced eco-friendly technology to enhance sustainability.

If you know anyone who is living a sustainable life, please feel free to share how their simple yet effective initiatives are making a difference in our society. We will feature them in our Unsung EcoGuardians section so that our readers/followers can get inspired and start living a sustainable life.

Do share your ideas at mygrnfootprint@gmail.com


Every initiative needs sufficient funds to back them up. We will be happy if you could join hands in establishing a well-nourished ecosystem in Government Schools. The money we receive will be used to create and share our training material, buy a composter for schools, provide sanitation and hygiene products to the students/teachers and other environment related activities. You can contribute in various ways

Donate directly to Green Footprint Bank account

Name of Account: GREEN FOOTPRINT

Current Account No. - 37598358096

State Bank of India, N. A. L., Kodihalli, Bengaluru - 566017

IFSC code - SBIN0004815

Please drop an email at mygrnfootprint@gmail.com after transferring your contribution

Milaap – you can donate through this crowd funding website using the link below.


Green footprint is supporting Cauvery Calling and has taken a goal of collecting funds for 20,000 trees. Cost involved for raising a tree sapling is only Rs 42/tree. Here’s an opportunity for you to create your small green footprint by contributing for this cause.

Cauvery Calling is a first of its kind campaign, setting the standard for how India’s rivers – the country’s lifelines – can be revitalized. It will initiate the revitalization of the Cauvery river by planting 2420000000 trees on both sides of river and along the length of the river and transform the lives of 84 million people. Watch the first year update of this initiative (despite the pandemic) https://youtube/rpyQ0VHvCkk .

Cauvery River Calling - Contribute Trees for a Green Planet https://www.ishaoutreach.org/en/cauvery-calling/campaigns/cauvery-river-calling-contribute-trees-for-green-planet

*Green Footprint is registered as a Public Charitable Trust vide a Trust Deed registered as Document No.307/2016-17 at the office of the Sub Registrar, Shivajinagar, Bangalore and has applied for exemption under the provisions of Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Status will be updated in the website once we receive the same. Till then, the e-receipt will be sent for all your donations.


We would like to acknowledge the efforts of a few well-wishers whose contribution helped shape our fledgeling organisation:

Shuchi Gangwal, Founder, Kypsa Design Agency, who designed the logo for Green Footprint and set us on to our path of "Clean, Green and Nourish".

Our Trustees, K.V. Ramana Murty and M.V. Sundararaman, for being with us during every step of our journey and helping us fulfil our lives’ mission through Green Footprint.

Kritika Kushwaha, Tejaswat Kadam, Shivani Devidas, Atheeva Rejikumar, Madhurya K, Karthik K., whose creative efforts helped Green Footprint design simple, yet effective posters and logos for imparting the message of waste segregation and management.

Namrata Praharaj, the founder of Scriptur, who voluntarily reached to us and helped set up our Facebook page.

Mrs. M. Saraswathi Chandra whose blessings and encouragement have set a strong foundation for Green Footprint in its path towards sustainability.

Shivani Devidas, Shivani Bhatt, Rashmi Balakrishna and Neena Chandran, our energetic volunteers whose tireless efforts have enabled Green Footprint to set a strong and stable path towards its growth.

Joanna Jose for her creative writing skills which have contributed to the content of various blogs featured by Green Footprint in its website.

CrestLaw Partners, Advocates and Solicitors and Sarvotham Care Limited who implicitly placed their faith in our efforts and contributed towards the procurement and installation of composters in two government schools.

Our donors and support group consisting of Rajani Muralidhar, Smitha Murthy, Commander Gowtham R., Kirtana Kumar, Vasantha Krishnamurthy, Bhaskar Subramanian, Anil KV, Indhu Radhakrishnan and Dr Kaushik Murali who by their invaluable contributions, helped Green Footprint achieve its goals over the past few years.

Green Footprint commenced its activities at Shriram Spandhana Apartments, a vibrant residential community, in 2010. The learnings from this venture spurred us on to greater heights. We would like to thank the children and residents of Shriram Spandhana Apartments for their role in our journey.


Ravindra Karnad

Founder – Prudent Ecosystems

After about four years of providing composting solutions for apartments, villa communities and industrial canteens; we came upon a unique opportunity when we met with Devishree & Veena of Green Footprint. They pointed out that Government schools have a mid-day meal program but do not have a process to handle food waste left over from the meal.

We conducted a trial over few months at the Government school in Kodihalli and then designed a special composter suitable for such an environment. It was robust to be left in the sun and rain and also low-priced. Dimensions were suitable for young children to access the composter too.

It was inspiring to see how Green Footprint spent time imparting training to the teachers and the children. We were pleasantly surprised to see children themselves take part in composting. Soon, Green Footprint managed to get the local elected member to come and inaugurate the composter at the school.

Shaina Ganapathy

Asst. VP – community outreach, Embassy Group

Under Embassy groups larger CSR mandate to ensure a sustainable environment, we were delighted when we were approached by Veena Krishnan of Green Footprint who offered to educate the students of several government schools and the students of Stonehill International on an innovative and engaging topic such as Trashonomics. We found that this was a very effective tool to educate children to be responsible for the waste generated and to understand what happens to waste.

Veena has been passionate about raising awareness on the management of Waste and has committed herself to ensuring young children understand the value of scientific segregation of waste. We wish Green Footprint the very best in their future endeavours.

Aniket Gandhi

Green Footprint is an epitome of passion for environment of two super committed individuals Devi and Veena. I had a privilege to see and experience this passion right when the initiative was seeded 9 years back in their residential apartment. Unilever supported the initiative through its sustainability program with true belief that this small step will make a big difference!!!

It is such a pleasure to see the small experiment has now become a movement.. a movement of war against plastics, a movement of changing long rooted behaviors and a movement of positive sustainability!!! Kudos to Devi & Veena for their passion and their dream.. wishing them a great luck to make the dream come true and set a scalable model for our schools, corporates, residential complexes, public places and for towns and cities at large. Great Going!!!

Smita Kulkarni

Co-founder of Bangalore Eco Team, Green the Red & Stonesoup

Green Footprint has been a significant part of Bangalore Eco Team and Green the Red (GTR) campaign in spreading awareness on responsible choices and waste impact of our choices. Veena has been pitched in to be one of the voices of the GTR campaign to take sessions in various corporates, schools and communities. She was part of the core team that organized a press meet in Bangalore to talk to media about menstrual cups and cloth pads as a healthier and more eco-friendly options to disposable pads.During the pandemic, Green Footprint donated stonesoup cups to COVID frontline workers in Adugodi.

Looking forward to you leaving your green footprints across the world !!

Priya Chetty Rajagopal

Activist & Founder Heritage Beku

Veena cares enough about the environment and heritage around her to be galvanized into quick and intelligent action to save what she can. With a combination of a green heart and a sharp legal mind, Veena and Green Footprint have been extremely helpful in specific #HeritageBeku causes on Cubbonpark, and other issues of natural heritage in addition to larger environmental issues and green erosion. We definitely need people like Veena who not only apply themselves with their minds but also put on their boots to get to work. Veena is driven, passionate and rarely waits for direction to get into an action mode, and I can only say that it’s these kind of citizens that give me and our city hope!