Teacher Resources

General Resources

GCSC Subscription Based Resources

Resources for Replacing Your Textbook

  • CommonLit - In its own words, "CommonLit delivers high-quality, free instructional materials to support literacy development for students in grades 3-12." Funded by, among others, Amazon and Google, this is an amazing resource.
  • OpenStax - Free and open source peer-edited textbooks for advanced high school subjects.
  • Open Educational Resources - Access, create, collaborate or share classroom curriculum.

Useful (and Free) Resources

  • App Advice - Lists the apps that normally have a fee but, are free that day only.
  • Canva - Create and design for free with a G Suite account.
  • Code.org - Encourage students to code and consider attending a professional development.
  • Flipgrid - Create a video chat room for your class. Access is free with either your school Google or Microsoft account.
  • Free Music Archive - Creative Commons Music for student projects.
  • Hour of Code - Teach your students, or yourself, to code in 1 hour blocks of time.
  • QR Stuff - Generate QR codes for your class. Use these to quickly and easily direct students to a site of your choice.