A Mermaid's Secret

by FlowerNectar

It was 12:00 A.M. when Ivy got thirsty and went to get a cup of water. After she turned 13 strange things started to happen like, she couldn't go a day without water, she had bumps on her neck that felt like gills, and she could breathe under water. She went down the hall, poured some cold water into a glass, then took a sip. The next thing she knew she was on the ground and couldn't move her legs, so she looked down and screamed. She couldn't believe it, even though all the signs made it make sense. Instead of skin painted legs, there was a shiny purpled scaly tale, she was a ...


Made by FlowerNectar I will give hints on who I am so try to find me and the first hint, I'm in seventh grade

She was a mermaid. Ivy turned into a mermaid, after her state of shock she grabbed a towel and wiped her lips. When she was dry her tail separated into two and became legs. She stood up and then went to bed. In the morning she woke up thought it was a dream, so when she took a bath she realized she was wrong. So she climbed out of the tub and dried off. After drying off she went to get her lime green dress and black tight-tights and her breakfast pockies. Then she got on the bus and went to school.

Hint 2: I have dark brown hair with dirty blond streaks

Ivy got to school early with one other kid, the bad boy, Jax. Jax had messy black hair that went down to his shoulders, and his skin is so pale, and if he smiles you see the sharpest of teeth. Ivy said hello to him every morning, but this morning when she said hello she had scales on her shoulder. Jax smiled and chased her until she was cornered. He walked up to her and punched the wall beside her and said "Hello Princess, you know I am the vampire who will marry the mermaid princess so to get to know you better, go on a date with me".

Hint 3: when you ask if I'm FlowerNectar I will dab.