Academics and Technology

Tips for Getting Ready for Exams

by Alice Takimoto

Artwork by Brianna Reece

Tests, exams, quizzes, ISTEP…… These things stress scholars very much. Won’t you feel worried about your grades and such? Well, I’ve got some tips you can use to study for them! Remember, that not all of the tips would help all of you reading this. The result would totally depend on the effort you put into. Be ready to test out these tips and get a better score on tests!!

Math: Let’s say you’re taking a math test this week, and you’re not getting the lessons at all. The first thing to do is to try remembering the formulas. Well, what if you can’t memorize the formula. Just get out a piece of paper, and write the formula with your pencil over and over again, and fill up the whole entire page! My guess is that writing something is the best way to memorize a certain phrase, words, or formulas. Next step. Let’s say that you cannot solve an expression or an equation correctly. If you have a math textbook, open the book and check the procedures that the textbook wants you to take, and solve your equation along with the textbook example. It is not always the best idea to keep solving problems. It is also important to see what procedures other people take. Last step is to keep solving many problems. I know I have said this is not always the best idea, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t help at all. Just keep solving and you are going to ace your math test!

Language Arts/ Essays: Writing an essay as the final exam is pretty stressing, right? Whether you like writing or not, you would have to try your best to ace this exam. The key of acing an essay exam is to use some “big” words. In order to do this, you should look up synonyms for a certain word, and replace it with the “big” word you just found. The other one is to make your point of view as clear as possible. It is important to state exactly what you are thinking, and not to blur some information out. Also, make sure you check your punctuation and spelling, too. If you are typing your essay on a certain device, you might not have to consider this. Although, your punctuation errors are not often caught by computers. Therefore, you must read over your essay over several times to see if your sentences make sense.

Social Studies/ History: If you are an individual who struggles with memorizing, you might have had a pretty harsh time studying for history or social studies test. I will say that this subject is basically memorizing vocabulary terms and being able to answer their definitions. Well, what if you can’t remember these words. There is a super-useful app called quizlet to practice your vocabs. If you do not own a device, just create them on your own with index cards, and practice with a partner, or just by yourself. The simplest yet fastest way to remember anything is practicing with a plenty of time. Some history teachers can assign an essay, too. If that happens, make sure you use the skills up in the language arts/ essay section, and try using some advanced, technical words to replace. The essay might sound better if you put in some of your background knowledge, or research more on internet. Impress your teacher with your knowledge, and ace these assignments!

Science: Science can be the most complicating one to study with. This subject involves all calculating, memorizing, analyzing, etc. So time-taking, plus confusing. The best way, probably, is to look over the notes and the textbooks, if possible. Your science teachers might ask a question that was on a study guide or class notes. If you are struggling with calculating problems, you would want to search extra problems online. Just like I have stated in the math section, solving problems is the best way to get the hook of it.

Whether you think these tips are worth doing or not, it sure would help you in some ways. You think this is too time-taking?? Well, you have got plenty of time to study. You just don’t notice you can make that extra time worth it. While you are on a long drive, a free time during school, 10 minutes before bedtime…..See? Just consider when you can study, and go for an A+ on that next test coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!