Facility Rental

Pursuant to Board Policy 05.31 and Board Procedure 05.31 AP.21, facilities and properties of the Green County Board of Education may be eligible for rental by members and organizations of the public, pursuant to Superintendent or Director of Finance approval.

Facility Rental requires abiding by and submitting the following:

Prior to the Event:

  1. Completed Rental Application and Agreement for Use of District Property
  2. Payment of Deposit (50% of Facility Rental Charge and 50% of Estimated Employee Costs)
  3. Submission of Liability Policy, per board policy and as described in the Rental Application and Agreement for Use of District Property

After the Event:

  1. Renting Party will be invoiced for the remaining 50% of the Facility Rental Charge and remainder of actual employee costs.

Completed Rental Application and Agreement for Use of District Property

Rental Application and Contract.pdf
Rental Contract (2019)

Payment for Rental of Facility

Below is the schedule of Facility Rental Charges. Exceptions to this schedule may be made for Non-Profit Community Events and Student Activities with advanced approval by the Superintendent or Director of Finance. 50% of the Facility Rental Charge will be required as a deposit.

Payment for Employee Costs

A Custodian or Maintenance Technician must be present for the entire duration of any event held within a district-owned facility.

A Cook/Baker, Food Services Assistant, or Food Services Manager must be present anytime district-owned kitchen equipment will be used.

An IT Technician may be made available for use of sound equipment and Audio/Visual Support.

Employee costs reflected below will be estimated in advanced for deposit purposes. Final costs will be determined by actual hours employee was present for the event and will be reflected on final invoice.

Submission of Liability Policy

Per the Application and Agreement for Use of District Facilities, the RENTER is to be legally responsible for any and all damage to individuals and school equipment, building(s), grounds, or facilities, resulting from use by the organization.

To this end, the organization will procure sufficient liability insurance to indemnify the Board, school officers and employees for any injuries or property damage which might occur during the organization's use of the facilities.

This insurance shall contain limits of $1,000,000 for bodily injury and $10,000 for property damage.

A copy of the organization’s insurance certificate shall be filed with the Director of Finance prior to the date the organization uses the building.

The Board shall require the renting organization to assume all liability for injury to individuals by reason of the lease of Board property and that the organization indemnify and save harmless the Board from any loss or damage thereby.

Completed Application and Agreement for Use of District Property, Deposit, and Liability Policy May Be Submitted:

In Person


7:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m. CST

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Director of Finance

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Zachary Leftwich

Director of Finance



For questions regarding Rental and Use of District Facilities, contact the Director of Finance, Zachary Leftwich

Tel: (270) 932-6601

Email: zachary.leftwich@green.kyschools.us