Email Migration Information

Please be aware: We will be moving from a state managed E-mail system to a district Managed system on 5/3/2018.

5/4/18 - 12:00 Update: Email access is Confirmed. Content is till migrating. We will begin testing Mobile and Desktop access now.

5/4/18 - 11:15 Update: Email access is approved for webmail. It could take 10 minutes or more to login the first time. Content is till migrating.

5/4/18 - 9:00AM Update: EMail migration still in Progress. Email is NOT usable. All of G-Suite, Chromebooks and IPads are ready to be used.

During this migration process Email access will be unavailable. You should plan on not having E-mail all day on Friday the 4th of May. If the process gets to a point we can start allowing people back in we will notify everyone using a secondary notification service. We will be using Remind to send important updates and information during this project. Please click on the link below to join our notification list. (For reference, our class code will be @k8c772.)

You can join this group by texting @k8c772 to the number 81010 (*standard messaging rates apply)

If anyone has trouble with 81010, you can try texting @k8c772 to (754) 333-6921.

Some of the things you need to be aware of regarding this migration process.

· Neither staff nor student e-mail addresses will change.

· Google Apps for Education and Apple ITunes accounts will be recalibrated during the migration. You will not be able to login to either of these systems for a short time during the migration.

· Apple products will continue to function during the migration, but may not allow for purchasing apps until that feature is re-enabled.

· Google Apps for Education requires access to our e-mail and Active Directory accounts to authorize us for access. The process these three systems use to communicate will be disconnected and reconnected during the migration. Once these systems are re-connected, Google “Things” will become accessible once again.

· We do not expect for staff to lose e-mail, but there will be a time during which not all email will be available. The migration process involves copying all staff email from our legacy state managed system to the new district managed system. This COULD be a slow process, so not all e-mail may be visible when we allow users back into the new system.

· Student e-mail will not be moved to the new system. Students will be starting over with clean e-mail accounts.

· Existing e-mail for both staff and students will remain intact in the legacy system and will be able to be accessed for a short time after the migration completes. Instructions to connect to the old system will be made available during and after the migration window.

· There is no cost associated with the migration, but there will be a significant change in how we in the district create and manages staff and student accounts. Initially there will be a large learning curve to this management process. Please have patience with us as we go through this new stage in life. It should not be bad, but it will be different enough we can expect to have some growing pains. “Change is painful!”

· The links you use to access the web mail aspect of E-mail will change and will be updated during the migration process.

· All desktop and mobile clients will have to be reconfigured BEFORE they will work with the new system. This will not be a fast process and we will be utilizing staff and students to help facilitate the process. The first aspect of the new system made available will be web mail, followed by the Google Apps for Education and Apple ITunes accounts.

· OneDrive data is migrated after email, therefore it may take a few extra days to become available after migration.


When will migration begin?

Migration will begin Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

Who will this migration affect?

Green County District Staff and Students

Staff mailboxes will be migrated. Students may choose to migrate their mailbox content after staff email migration is complete.

How will this migration affect me?

Emails, email folders, contacts, and calendar will automatically be migrated for staff. Active OneDrive users will also have their OneDrive content migrated.

After migration, Webmail ( will work the same way.

Outlook email client users will need to reconfigure their profiles after migration. Webmail will be available until new profile setups are complete.

Email on mobile devices and smart phones will need to be reconfigured after migration.

How do I save a distribution list?

To save a distribution group as a text file:

1. In Outlook Contacts, click on the group to export

2. Click the "File" menu

3. Click "Save As"

4. Choose location to save file AND change the "Save as type" to "Text Only (*.txt)"

Can I access my old mailbox after migration?

Accounts that existed prior to the migration still exist but had to be renamed as part of the migration process. Users will be able to access this data through the end of the school year, but it is highly recommended that they move what is needed prior to that time.

To access an old account, use the following user information:




Primary username:

Renamed username:


Primary username:

Renamed username:

How do I know if I am logged into my new or old mailbox after migration?

The quickest way to check if you are still logging into your old Webmail account after migration:

- Log into Webmail at

- Click on your name/picture in the top right-hand corner

If you see address, then you are logged into your new mailbox and no further action is needed.

However, if you see address, then you are logged into your old mailbox. Follow these steps to log into your new account:

1. Log out of Webmail - wait for the system to completely finish logging out

2. Close browser

3. Clear browser cache and delete cookies

4. Log in to Webmail again using your address

5. Click on your name/picture in the top right-hand corner

6. You should now see your address

What do I do if I cannot sign into Skype for Business after migration?

Following migration, you may experience issues signing into Skype for Business

To resolve this issue, you can cancel the login process and the click Delete my sign-in info.

Then click "Sign In" with your address in the sign-in address box

What do I do if I receive an error when signing into Google after migration?

If you receive the following message or similiar message: "Selected user does not exist in tenant ..." when trying to sign in to Google:

· Click on the 3 dots beside your name

· Select Sign out and Forget

· Close all browsers

· Open browser and sign back in to Google

This applies to staff and students.

How do I add my email signature back to my email?

Microsoft Outlook Support: Create and add a signature to messages

What if a Shared Calendar is missing after migration?

· Open Outlook Calendar

· Right click on Other Calendars

· Click on Open Calendar

· In the From Directory box, type the user's email address of the calendar you are missing

· Click Open and now the calendar will show up in your list.

How to Migrate Student Email

  • Using two separate windows, login to both the old email and the new email at the same time. The old email will be
  • Using the settings button beside your name on the NEW email (green screen), click mail at the bottom in the apps section.
  • On the left hand side of the screen, you will see a menu pop up. Find the words “CONNECTED ACCOUNT”.
  • Click “CONNECTED ACCOUNT” and choose the + sign. Enter the old email address:
  • Choose SKIP, then okay.
  • A POP account connection screen will pop up.
  • The DISPLAY NAME, EMAIL, and USERNAME can all be the email address:
  • Under encryption, choose SSL.
  • The server is
  • Check your new email. In the junk folder (folders, more, junk) you will have a verification email. Approve for new mail to come in.

It may be delayed, but your old emails will migrate over from your old account ( to your new one still using the email (