Policy Board: GCSD Professional Learning Committee

Mission Statement: The mission of the Center is to provide opportunities and resources that will enhance the professional growth of those within the broad learning community, which an emphasis on professional learning and services to those providing direct instruction to students.

What is the PLC?

New York State Resource and Computer Training Centers are the largest professional learning communities in New York State with more than 125 Teachers Centers located throughout the state, working with 675 public schools districts and nearly 1000 non-public and charter schools.

Teacher Centers are:

•operated locally, with regional and statewide network support.

•governed by policy boards composed of 51% teachers as well as representation from administrators, school board members, parents, higher education and business professionals.

•driven by local educator needs, including implementation support for NYS and federal education initiatives.

•dedicated to high quality, job-embedded and student-focused professional learning experiences

•In 1984, thanks to the lobbying efforts of NYSUT, Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers were established and funded by the New York State Legislature under Education Law 316 they are governed by Ed Law 316 and the following standards:

Professional Development Standard

Governance Standard

Management Standard

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