RTI LIteracy Coordinator

Job Announcement Immediate Release

Response to Intervention (RTI) Literacy Coordinator

State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)

Great Rivers Educational Service Cooperative

Location: Little Rock at Arkansas Department of Education Special Education Unit

Job Details

Application Deadline: June 30, 2019 12:00 p.m.

Post Date: May 24, 2019

Start Date: July 1, 2019 (with paid training dates in June)

Contract is 240 Days

Position Type: Full Time Salary

Location: Little Rock, although travel to education service cooperatives, district, and schools across the state should be anticipated.

Compensation: $70,000 to $78,000

Benefits: Public School Employee Health Insurance, Delta Dental, Superior Vision

Background Information

The State Personnel Development Grant is a five-year grant awarded to the Special Education Unit of the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) in October 2015. The grant continues through the 2019-2020 school year. This grant was received from the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). This grant is managed by the Great Rivers Education Service Cooperative, which directly employes SPDG personnel.

Job Description

The State Personnel Development Grant has an immediate opening for a Response to Intervention (RTI) Literacy Coordinator. This is a leadership position that will be working with other SPDG partners to support RTI implementation, coordinate SPDG professional development, and provide technical assistance at the state, education service cooperative, district, and school levels.


● Prior success in providing leadership in RTI implementation at the district level

● Experience leading data-based decision making for district leadership teams

● Proficient in coaching and mentoring administrators

● Specialize in literacy (evidence-based practices, research knowledge, science of reading, effective practices)

● Master’s degree (or above) in education with licensure/certification in elementary or secondary education

● Experience in classroom teaching, as well as in school-based coaching or consultation, school assessments, and the implementation of RTI at the child, classroom, grade, school levels

● Knowledge and experience in implementing school-wide behavior program/system

● Working knowledge of Arkansas Academic Standards

● Professional and personal skills needed to provide PD, in-service training, and TA services to regional and district level teams in urban and rural settings.

Duties and Responsibilities

● Participate in the State and Regional RTI Implementation Teams

● Participate in the RTI Advisory Council Team

● Directly support RTI Literacy content development

● Provide PD and TA to educators in multiple settings on RTI and literacy related assessments, interventions, curriculum, and instruction

● Coach educators at the district and school levels to deepen knowledge and develop capacity to implement RTI

● Support coaches of general and special educators to effectively teach reading and literacy skills

Contact Information

An interview will be required. Interested applicants should apply (or direct questions) via email to:

Tiah Frazier, SPDG Director


The following application information is requested:

  1. A current vitae/resume with educational background, work experience, and other relevant work information;
  2. A statement detailing the individual’s professional experience, knowledge, and skills that are related/relevant to the position;
  3. A salary history; and
  4. Three professional references (with contact emails and phone numbers).

The Great Rivers Education Service Cooperative is a Equal Opportunity Employer.