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We are re-writing what it means for our scholars to be “normal,” and this takes a great deal of care and work. We’re in it for the long haul, we’re in it for the kids, and we’re in it together. We set clear expectations, consistently require all community members to meet or exceed our expectations and work efficiently and effectively to get the work done.

The mission of our school is to apply so much educational lift that our students' accelerations toward their greatest possible futures overcome anything and everything pulling them down. We believe our greatest contributions to society are the students we educate, and we see that students’ greatest opportunity for success comes from our own work and dedication. We are ready to welcome you into our mission to join forces and establish a strong community solely focused on the success of our students.

We are here for you. Please continue to reach out if you have questions.

Dr. Mellman []

The mission of Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is to
prepare its students for success in college

This Week's Resources:

2020 School Bus Express is available for families that need to get vaccines at the Newark Health Dept (accepting children up to 18 yrs. old)

Medicaid Part A or the Uninsured (No Medical Insurance) are welcome.
By Appointment ONLY